About us

The HACCPdirect brand was introduced in 2003 by PlusPort B.V. We develop and distribute learning material for companies. In this way we make both national and international companies safer. Thanks to our years of experience in content development and our ICT expertise, we are your ideal partner for learning via the internet.

In contrast to most conventional suppliers of safety training, PlusPort always searches for innovative ways of training and certifying your employees faster, better and cheaper. We know, as no other, how costs can soar as a result of training your staff.

In recent years learning via internet, also known as e-learning, has become an increasingly widely accepted method of learning. In particular for safety certification, e-learning is the ideal way to enable many employees to obtain certification at a relatively low cost. Many customers have gone before you, like the BAM Group, Mammoet and Dura Vermeer. But also many small independents and MKB companies find PlusPort to be the ideal partner for safety certification.

To better reach and inform our customers, we have built up tens of different labels. These labels all have a very specific focus on a certain type of certificate. This means that way have the same course method available, for example, for fork-lift truck, BHV and NEN 3140. Here is an overview of our labels.