HACCP Hygiene

The relationship between HACCP and hygiene

HACCP and hygiene are almost inseparable. HACCP is a standard for good hygiene. The HACCP- system originated in the space industry. In space programmes, it was necessary to have food that was safe to eat. The food had to conform to the highest standards. It appeared that the quality controls at that time were not suitable. They developed a method to guarantee food safety and hygiene. This method was taken over by a company. This is how the HACCP method was born.

Different sorts of hygiene

Hygiene can be divided into three categories, namely personal hygiene, foodstuffs hygiene and company hygiene. Personal hygiene is concerned with touching food. Important aspects are clean hands and clothing. In foodstuff hygiene attention must be paid to the shelf life of food. The food must not decay. The cleaning of premises comes under company hygiene. The intention is to prevent bacteria getting close to food. HACCP focuses equally on social hygiene. The problems and responsibilities surrounding the safety of guests, customers and employees are central to social hygiene.

HACCP and hygiene

For companies in the foodstuffs branch, hygiene is a priority. Catering organisations are expected to follow the hygiene code. The hygiene code is based on HACCP. HACCP is a requirement for guaranteeing hygiene. HACCP and hygiene go hand in hand. With an HACCP hygiene code course you can be certain that you are up-to-date on hygiene and can manage these processes properly.

Hygiene is no problem with HACCP hygiene code

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