Phases HACCP plan

Phase 1 HACCP plan: Inventory of dangers

The start of an HACCP plan is taking inventory of possible dangers for food safety. These can be various sorts of danger; (micro-) biological, chemical -, physical – and biotechnological dangers. Not every danger is applicable to a company. It is important to find out whether a danger can exist. To do so you must estimate the magnitude of the chance that the danger will actually occur. One must check how great the damage could be.

Phase 2 HACCP plan: Control critical points

In this stage one looks at controlling the critical points. Critical points means: frequently occurring hygiene measures or process steps that are crucial to food safety. The possibility that a problem can occur is therefore present. For this, control points will be developed. These ensure that the risks are limited or eliminated.

Phase 3 HACCP plan: Determining the limit values

The values must be indicated within which a risk is acceptable. To what extent are the risks permissible? In this regard account must be taken of case law.

Phase 4 HACCP plan: Development of a control system

The emphasis is on developing a monitoring system for the control, so that the procedures are followed and the goal achieved. The visibility of the controls should be ensured by specific methods and documentation of how to act on the results.

Phase 5 HACCP plan: Recording action points when limits are exceeded

It is possible that the boundaries of the risks are crossed. In this case, suitable actions must be taken. These actions consist of preventive measures to eliminate repetition, and also ensure that the consumer is not subjected to risks.

Phase 6 HACCP plan: Recording information and procedures

Develop a document control system, so that all information regarding work methods, purchasing procedures and measures is saved and registered. This information can be useful to the VWA.

Phase 7 HACCP plan: The development of a verification procedure

Verification is necessary to check that the procedures guarantee food safety. This can be done by inspection of food products and work methods. The results should be registered.

HACCP course

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