Working hygienically

In several sectors it is imperative to work hygienically. To find out all about what is involved in this process, an HACCP certificate is no luxury. The HACCP course goes into more depth about hygienic work.

Reasons to work hygienically

By working hygienically you ensure that the spread of bacteria is limited. In this way you reduce the chance that customers can be contaminated by bacteria. It is also important for your own safety and that of your employees. The risk that people within the company are contaminated is reduced.

How can you work hygienically?

There are a number of simple methods for working hygienically. For preparing food, hand hygiene is a requirement. Washing hands with water and disinfecting soap is a good start and does not take too much energy. This must be done according to special guidelines. Hand hygiene is an important way of reducing contamination.

Wearing a hairnet helps considerably; it reduces the spread of bacteria. Ensure that hair is at least covered. Hairs can contaminate foodstuffs. Cleaning the premises, kitchen accessories and toilet facilities must be done regularly. They must be clean. Developing a plan to keep everything spotless can be handy for keeping an overview of this process. The HACCP system can help you with this.

Freezing foodstuffs has the effect that bacteria cannot grow. Heating has just the opposite effect. It is sensible to put heated food in the fridge if it is not consumed immediately. One of the dangers of putting products in the fridge is cross-contamination. This can be prevented by separating and covering products placed in the fridge.

These are a few tips for working hygienically. There is much more to this process. During the HACCP course you will learn about all facets of social hygiene and food safety.

Course for hygiene

You can follow a course for hygiene. The HACCP course supplies you with all the information you need to work hygienically. The course consists of seven modules and ends with an HACCP exam. If you pass the exam, your certificate will be sent to you.