General Questions

    • Who must obtain HACCP?

      HACCP is intended for organisation that are concerned with the production, processing or distribution of foodstuffs. Foodstuffs mean all food and drink products, but also raw materials and help ingredients that are used in food. If you work in this sector, HACCP certification is mandatory. The government strictly controls compliance with this certification. For small companies, however, the requirements are met via hygiene codes, because it is not possible for these companies to create their own HACCP plan.

    • How can I acquire the HACCP hygiene code certificate?

      To obtain your HACCP hygiene code certificate, you are tested on your knowledge concerning safety and hygiene in the workplace. This is done via an online HACCP hygiene code exam. For this, you first follow an HACCP hygiene code course via internet. Within just a few hours you learn everything you need to know about working hygienically. This way you are certain that you possess all the necessary knowledge to obtain the HACCP hygiene code certificate.

    • How did HACCP come into existence?

      HACCP was developed in the '60s in the USA at the request of NASA, the American space organisation. For space travel there was a need for food with a long shelf life that was absolutely safe. The World Health Organisation (WHO) considered that the implementation of such a standard was of benefit to all mankind, and issued a directive called Codex Alimentarius. This guaranteed the international introduction of HACCP. In 1993, the EU established the European Hygiene Guideline (93/43/EEG). A consequence of this was that the HACCP was included in the national legislation of all the member states of the EU within 10 years. Where this has not been done, the European Hygiene Guideline from 2003 applies directly.

    • What is HACCP?

      HACCP, the abbreviation for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, is a risk inventory for foodstuffs. Companies that are involved with the preparation, processing, handling, packing transport and distribution of foodstuffs must identify all aspects of the production process and analyse them for dangers. This control process, issued by the European Union, ensures that the production process of all foodstuffs carries the smallest possible risk of contamination.

    • Does HACCP have consequences for employees?

      The measures that must be taken in connection with an HACCP-plan have, naturally, consequences for the employees. They are the ones who must take care of hygiene. That is why it is important to involve all employees with HACCP. When the whole HACCP approach is supported by the employees in a company, the plan has the best chance of success. Therefore the possibility exists of letting the employees take training.


    Questions About Legislation

    • Is HACCP a legal requirement?

      According to the 'Warenwetregeling Hygiëne' law, all foodstuff companies must set up an HACCP-plan. This law applies since December 14th, 1994. The HACCP-plan is (mandatory) sent to the 'Keuringsdienst van Waren', who assess whether the plan satisfies the legal requirements from the 'Warenwetregeling hygiëne van levensmiddelen' legislation. If these requirements are not followed, prosecution may be the consequence. To see whether the HACCP plan works in practice, a controller will visit for an inspection.

    • Are all employees in a company required to obtain a HACCP hygiene code certificate?

      Everyone who is connected with the production, processing or distribution of foodstuffs is required to obtain a HACCP hygiene code certificate.

    • Is HACCP internationally accepted?

      The HACCP certificate is only valid in the Netherlands.


    Questions About the HACCP Course

    • Where can I enrol for the HACCP hygiene code course?

      You can enrol via www.haccp-direct.com. Click on the Enrol now button and follow the five steps in the enrolment form.

    • What are the costs of an HACCP hygiene code course?

      The costs of the online HACCP hygiene code course and the online exam are € 69,00 (excl. BTW).

    • Do I get a book with the online HACCP hygiene code course?

      Before you take the digital exam, you can print the handbook, in which all the modules are handled briefly. The online course is more extensive and not printable in its entirety.

    • Why should I choose an online HACCP hygiene code course?

      With HACCPdirect's unique concept via internet you go through the HACCP hygiene code course much more quickly and effectively. The training costs are thereby reduced on all fronts. Via internet you can follow the course anywhere, when and where it suits you. You end with an online exam. In this way, the HACCPdirect course is many times easier, faster and cheaper than that of conventional courses!

    • What is the difference between an online and a classical HACCP hygiene code course?

      With the HACCP hygiene code course from HACCPdirect you obtain your HACCP certificate quickly, easily and comfortably. After enrolment you will receive your unique login details almost immediately. You go through our complete course package and the internet exam at home or at your workplace. This way you will quickly have your certificate.

    • Does this HACCP hygiene code course meet the standard?

      The online HACCP hygiene code course is developed on the basis of the SVH guidelines.


    Questions About the HACCP Exam

    • In which languages can the HACCP hygiene code exam be taken?

      The online exam is in Dutch or English.

    • How many questions are there in the HACCP hygiene code exam, and how many correct answers must I have to pass?

      The exam consists of 20 questions, and 14 answers must be correct in order to pass. You are given two chances to pass the exam.

    • How long does the HACCP hygiene code online exam take?

      The online exam will take a maximum of 40 minutes.

    • When and where can I take an HACCP hygiene code exam?

      The HACCP hygiene code exam from HACCPdirect is online. You can take the exam at home or at work. Make sure you are in a quiet room where you can concentrate.


    Questions About the HACCP Certificate

    • When will I receive my HACCP hygiene code certificate?

      When you have passed your online exam, you will be given access to your digital certificate that you can print. If you have chosen to pay via invoice, then you will receive an invoice from us via e-mail within 1 workday. You must pay the invoice within 14 days. After paying the invoice you will receive the certificate and pass (if you have passed the exam). Approximately 2 weeks after you have passed the exam we will send you your certificate and a pass in credit card format that you can carry with you.

    • I have lost my HACCP hygiene code certificate/pass. Now what?

      If you have lost your HACCP hygiene code certificate or pass, you can request a duplicate certificate and/or a new pass from us. The cost of a duplicate certificate is € 25,- and a duplicate pass costs  € 10,- excl. BTW. Send an e-mail to customersupport@plusport.com with your first name, surname and date of birth. Then we will send you an invoice per e-mail. As soon as the invoice has been paid, we will send you the new certificate or pass.

    • For how long is an HACCP hygiene code certificate valid?

      The HACCP hygiene code certificate is valid for an unlimited time. However, we advise you to renew the certificate every 3 years.

    • What is a safety passport (Personal Safety Logbook)?

      The SSVV Safety passport was introduced in 1998 by SSVV. It is a personal document in which all relevant (safety) training and work experience of the holder is recorded. With it, the holder/employee can quickly and easily show which diplomas and certificates he possesses and which medical examinations he has had. It also enables the employer to check the details at the gate or on the work premises.

    • Where can I get a safety passport?

      The three-language passport (English, Dutch and French) is useable in Belgium and the Netherlands. You can order the safety passport from us. The cost is € 24,95 each, excl. BTW, incl.  cost of postage (unless registered). You can order the safety passport by sending an e-mail message to customersupport@plusport.com.


    Questions About Cancelling

    • I have been forced to cancel the HACCP hygiene code course. How should I proceed?

      Questions about cancelling A cancellation must always be in writing. Send an e-mail to customersupport@plusport.com We apply the following cancellation rules: If you have not yet started the course you may be eligible for a refund. If you have started the course, you must pay the full cost of the course.